C.P.E. offers complete protective solutions for military and law enforcement.

About us

Your source for riot gear and ballistic exellence

C.P.E. (Combat Protective Equipment) is a leading supplier of high quality riot gear, ballistic solutions and training equipment headquartered in Forssa, Finland.


We manufacture a wide range of ballistic protection, riot control, and training equipment for military, police, elite national counter-terrorism units, and prison services. Our products are lightweight and easy to put on; all are handmade in Europe. Our factories are located in Finland and the Czech Republic.

Cutting-edge R&D

We have our own testing laboratory, where we do a lot of research and development work on a daily basis to optimize construction and badge testing. In the laboratory we do ballistic, stab, spike and impact testing with the latest technology. All our solutions are certified to the latest standards to give the best safety possible for end users.


Ballistic Equipment

Customized Protection Tailored to Your Needs

At C.P.E., we are dedicated to working closely with end users, ensuring that our solutions are unrivaled in their performance. Our comprehensive range of ballistic products caters to various concealed protection requirements. Our flagship models, featuring a consistent panel design, have gained popularity worldwide. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of custom designs to meet specific customer preferences. Whether it’s producing vests based on your measurements or providing female vests with different cup sizes, we prioritize personalized fit and comfort.

Our extensive lineup includes:

  • Tactical vests
  • Plate carriers
  • Concealed models
  • Flotation vests
  • Ballistic blankets
  • Shields
  • Soft ballistic panels
  • Insert plates
  • Ballistic helmets
  • Vehicle ballistic protection

If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We thrive on collaboration and will work together to find the perfect solution. Even for more specialized requirements, we are eager to develop the most suitable suit to meet your needs

Enhanced Stab & Spike Protection Solutions

At C.P.E., we offer an extensive selection of advanced solutions designed to provide superior blade and spike protection. Every day, we witness tragic incidents reported in the news, where individuals have fallen victim to stabbing attacks resulting in severe injuries or even loss of life.

Law enforcement officers constantly confront these threats, necessitating optimal protection without compromising their ability to perform their duties. Similarly, prison guards encounter escalating attacks in their line of work.

Our comprehensive range of solutions includes standalone options as well as options that can be integrated with ballistic vests for enhanced defense.

Furthermore, C.P.E. takes pride in delivering exceptional blade and spike protection within our riot solutions, ensuring the highest level of security.


Riot Equipment

C.P.E. is the leading supplier of high-quality riot protective gear in the world. 

Riot gear is lightweight and easy to put on. It provides protection against kicks, blows, and impacts. All components are certified according to the German Riot standard VPAM KDIW ed. 2011 and the British standard HOSDB 2007.

It is currently being used by many law enforcement agencies in Europe, the United States, Middle East, Asia and several NATO forces.

The gear can be provided with a flame-retardant outer textile and is machine washable. Stab and Spike protection can be added when needed.

Our range of Riot solutions are:

  • Protective suits
  • Protective Gloves
  • Riot Shields
  • Riot helmet
  • Protection for Horses and Dogs

Training Equipment

C.P.E. offers training equipment designed to facilitate multiple levels of training. Our suits are used by many satisfied law enforcement agencies around the world.

This hard contact training equipment fully protects the officer wearing it. Our two main training suits, Blueman and FCT, are the only suits in the world that are EC/CE certified. You do not need any additional expensive parts to take part in tough, realistic training. 

Blueman suit is the optimised solution for hand-to-hand combat training. Its mobility is unmatched on the market, and it offers the highest level of safety without compromising mobility. The FCT is designed to meet the needs of full contact training under all conditions. It can be used with issued hard batons, no soft training batons are required.

Our range of Training solutions are:

  • Training suits
  • Strike pads
  • Training batons
  • Training weapons

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Non negotiable manufacturing standards

C.P.E. is an s an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110 certified company with a sterling reputation for technological superiority, top quality manufacture and value. C.P.E. provides a variety of products that can help people move from the world of theory to the world of reality. As one of the few companies in existence to do so, C.P.E. is unique in its ability to provide such solutions for individuals and groups.
All our solutions are certified to the latest standards, with a focus on providing the best possible safety for end users.

C.P.E. Production Oy has received 131050€ from the European Regional Development Fund for the development of personal protection for a regional project to be implemented in 2020-2021. With the help of the support, the company’s testing activities have been developed and the possibility of manufacturing healthcare products has been clarified.